UV light filter polyester film

UV light filtering film protects your displays and storage areas from the fading, bleaching and deterioration caused by the ultraviolet light from various light sources.

Safeguard your framed artwork, protect your displays, make your own clear cover binders and sheet protectors or use for lining your display cases and windows.

  • Specially designed to reduce UV light by 99.5%
  • Ideal for museums, galleries, display cases and more
  • Clear in appearance without compromising protection
  • Professional quality
  • Non Fade - Scratch Resistant
  • Fitting kits available to purchase separately

Material Construction.

  1. "Hard" scratch resistant layer, for durability and ease of maintenance during window cleaning
  2. High optical quality polyester, with anti IR metal particles deposit
  3. Bonding adhesive
  4. High optical quality polyester
  5. PS adhesive, glass polymerization within 15 days
  6. Protection release liner, disposable after installation

See installation instructions in 'downloads' below

See 'Alternative' items below for filters designed to fit fluorescent lighting.

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UV Blocking Film 510mm x 5M
P479-5105 479-5105
Pack Size: Each Price: £29.60 ex VAT In Stock
UV Blocking Film 760mm x 5M
P479-7605 479-7605
Pack Size: Each Price: £44.95 ex VAT In Stock
UV Blocking Film 1000mm x 5M roll
P479-1005 479-1005
Pack Size: Each Price: £71.15 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock
UV Blocking Film 1520mm x 5M
P479-1525 479-1525
Pack Size: Each Price: £86.85 ex VAT In Stock
UV Blocking Film 1520mm X 30M
P479-1530 479-1530
Pack Size: Each Price: £385.00 ex VAT Low Stock
UV Film Application Kit
P479-0002 479-0002
Pack Size: Each Price: £24.75 ex VAT In Stock

TECHNICAL DATA Data calculated based on film applied to clear glass 3 mm thick (*on double glazing 4-16-4)

  • Ultraviolet transmission 0.5 %
  • Visible light transmission 84 %
  • Reflection of external visible light 9 %
  • Reflection of internal visible light 9 %
  • Total solar energy rejected 15 %

Solar ratio :

  • Solar energy reflection 9 %
  • Solar energy absorption 7 %
  • Solar energy transmission 84 %
  • Reduction in Solar Glare 13 %
  • g-value 0.85
  • u-value -
  • Shading coefficient 0.9
  • Installation type Internal
  • Roll length 30.5 m
  • PET / PVC composition PET
  • Thickness 50 μ
  • Colour : TRANSPARENT

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