Light Meter

Professional lux / light meters which give instant readings of light levels in Lux or Footcandles.

  • Data hold function enables you to lock the reading in order to make notes. Min/Max memory allows you to leave the meter and record the minimum and maximum light levels and average recall (since power on).
  • Low battery indicator and auto power off (30 minutes non-activity).
  • The auto power off can be disabled to facilitate period monitoring.
  • The sensor is a silicon photodiode equipped with a colour correction filter incorporating a spectrum and cosine corrected lens connected to the instrument by a 1 metre coiled cable.
  • Manual Range Selection, the low 40 and 400 Lux ranges are most suitable for low light levels in Museum Displays.

Data Logging software and USB cable are included with the meter. The logger must be connected to a computer via the USB cable to record data, no data is stored in the meter.

Code Description Pack Size Price Stock QTY
P684-1308 684-1308 Light Meter 40/400/4,000/40,000/400,000Lux Each £70.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P684-1309 684-1309 Light Meter with Data Logging 400/4,000/40,000/400,000 Lux Each £90.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P805-107CAL 805-107CAL Traceable Calibration Certificate Each £90.00 (ex VAT) Made to Order
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