Norfolk Book Sofa

This book support system is a registered design of the Norfolk Record Office and is marketed exclusively by PEL.

The design allows books of a large variety of sizes and thicknesses to be supported correctly during handling by researchers. The book pillow shape adjusts gradually as reading progresses to cradle volumes exactly where needed, but without allowing them to open too far, thus limiting strain on the spines.

The removable outer cover is made from a 100% cotton fabric, which is approved as a display material by major museums. It is also machine washable, which ensures that the support can be kept clean and presentable. The neutral grey colour should not conflict with existing search room decor and resists showing dust and book deposits. The unbleached calico inner contains lightweight, flame retardant polystyrene beads.

The Norfolk Book Sofa is a durable user friendly design, with no loose foam wedges and no complex folding sections….simplicity itself!

Approximate measurements:

  • Standard: 530 x 380 x 150mm
  • Large: 730 x550 x 180mm
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Norfolk Book Sofa Standard Size
P327-2000 327-2000
Pack Size: Each Price: £46.50 ex VAT In Stock
Norfolk Book Sofa Large Size
P327-1000 327-1000
Pack Size: Each Price: £59.95 ex VAT In Stock

Available in two sizes; Standard for volumes of up to approx. 28 x 40cm (closed dimensions), and Large for bound newspapers and bigger volumes.

From £8.95 ex VAT

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