Pasting & Mixing Spatula - 200mm

Wooden spatula for the preparation, straining and mixing of paste adhesives such as wheat starch.

The spatula is an authentic Japanese made tool used when sieving paste adhesives through a strainer. The smooth wooden tool will not damage the fine mesh of a strainer and will also have many other uses in a conservation setting.

Traditional Japanese strainers are available below in 'Accessories to fit'

Spatula size length 200mm x approx wide 60mm

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Pasting & Mixing Spatula - 200mm
P936-7220 936-7220
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.95 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit P936-7220 936-7220
Japanese Strainer - Nylon 195mm
P996-7021 996-7021
Pack Size: Each Price: £69.00 ex VAT Due in Stock
Japanese Strainer - Horsehair 170mm
P996-7024 996-7024
Pack Size: Each Price: £115.00 ex VAT In Stock

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