Japanese Strainers Sieves

Japanese Strainer, beautifully made in Japan, a high quality traditional item.

Available in premium horsehair or nylon. Strainer area; Horsehair - 170mm, Nylon - 195mm.

They are used to strain paste, after cooking and especially after storage and re-cooking. This removes any lumps and makes a very smooth paste. Horsehair sieves are more suitable for thicker pastes, nylon sieves are finer and more suited for aged pastes.

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Japanese Strainer - Horsehair 170mm
P996-7024 996-7024
Pack Size: Each Price: £115.00 ex VAT In Stock
Japanese Strainer - Nylon 195mm
P996-7021 996-7021
Pack Size: Each Price: £68.95 ex VAT In Stock

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