Conservation Iron and Station

Precision heated spatula with a metal case, bright display and robust cabling.

This state-of-the-art tacking and spatula iron is a PEL proprietary product designed to suit the needs of all types of conservation, from burnishing, tacking and a delicate spatula tip for oil paintings.

  • Program the tip size reference, enabling the LED temperature readout to display accurate temperature 30ºC - 200ºC (+/- 5ºC), whatever the size of the tip.
  • The iron shaft element has been strengthened with a stainless steel sleeve to give added strength, especially when used constantly as a tacking iron.

Special safety features; 115 voltage or 230 voltage is stepped down to 24 volt AC. The silicone cable provides remarkable protection against accidental burning, even at maximum tip temperature. Read more in 'Specification' tab below.

Video Source Credit to Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre. Click here to learn more about Project Undaunted, and follow their progress on the Heritage and Education Centre blog.

For additional hot air pencil function combined with heated spatula, see 'Conservation Work Station' in the recommended items tab below.

Extra spatula tips are available, see 'Recommended' products below.

Code Description Pack Size Price Stock QTY
P805-690 805-690 Conservation Iron - 220/240 volt - One Tip Included Each £232.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P805-690-110 805-690-110 Conservation Iron - 110 volt - One Tip Included Each £232.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P805-TC50 805-TC50 Spare Iron - Only fits Unit Pictured Each £62.88 (ex VAT) In Stock
Specification Recommended Alternatives

Comes complete with; instructions, control station, iron and flat tip (805-2405). The control station leaves the factory programmed in many languages, but set up in English. You can also select temperature readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Specifications:

  • Wattage to Iron 50 Watt
  • Voltage to Iron 24 Volt AC
  • Temperature Range 30ºC - 200ºC / 86ºF - 392ºF
  • Accuracy +/- 5ºC
  • Electric Cable 2.3m

  • Code Description Pack Size Price Stock QTY
    P805-2405 805-2405 Standard Tip 25 x 25mm Each £18.35 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-00S1 805-00S1 Heated Spatula Tip - 32 x 17mm Each £25.75 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-00S2 805-00S2 Heated Spatula Tip - 46 x 20mm Each £24.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-00S3 805-00S3 Heated Spatula Tip- 62 x 21mm Each £24.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-00S4 805-00S4 Heated Spatula Tip - 74 x 30mm Each £24.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-00S6 805-00S6 Heated Spatula Tip - 5 x 32mm Each £22.35 (ex VAT) In Stock
    L452-1002 452-1002 Stand Each £9.84 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-760 805-760 Conservation Work Station 220/240 Voltage Each £299.50 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P805-760-110 805-760-110 Conservation Work Station 110 Voltage Each £299.50 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P695-3TEX 695-3TEX BEVA Tex - Gustav Berger's 371 Sht 1 £27.75 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P695-3705 695-3705 13mm x 35M Roll £18.60 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P695-371 695-371 686mm x 5M Roll £124.50 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P873-1500 873-1500 Fibre Optic Light Source with Double light guide Each £425.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P873-7744 873-7744 Binocular Magnifier with 1.5X Magnification Lensplate Each £49.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P873-7775 873-7775 2.75X (Lens Only) Each £35.25 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P873-7735 873-7735 3.5X (Lens Only) Each £35.75 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P685-0101 685-0101 Water Brush Fine Detail Tip Each £3.65 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P685-0102 685-0102 Water Brush Medium Tip Each £4.40 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P685-0103 685-0103 Water Brush Large Tip Each £4.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P682-7670-10 682-7670-10 Tight Spot Detaillers Brush - Size 10/0 Each £2.76 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P682-7670-5 682-7670-5 Tight Spot Detaillers Brush - Size 5/0 Each £2.76 (ex VAT) Low Stock
    P682-7670-0 682-7670-0 Tight Spot Detaillers Brush - Size 0 Each £2.88 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P682-7650-10 682-7650-10 Spotters Brush Size - 10/0 Each £2.76 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P682-7650-4 682-7650-4 Spotters Brush Size - 4/0 Each £2.76 (ex VAT) In Stock
    P682-7650-0 682-7650-0 Spotters Brush Size - 0 Each £2.88 (ex VAT) In Stock