BEVA Tex - Gustav Berger's 371

BEVA Tex is a pH neutral non-woven polyester fabric which is coated on one side with Beva 371 (Professor Gustav Berger's original formula - Berger Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) adhesive.

It is designed for the conservation of works of art on paper, on fabrics and paintings.

Beva Tex is applied with low heat, around 65C to 70C, and is completely reversible. The dry application removes the risk of adhesives from spreading or dripping and can be applied to small well defined areas.

Available in Sheets, Size: 914mm x 685mm (27"x36")

Also available; BEVA Film, with the same adhesive formula on a polyester film (see 'Alternatives' below).

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BEVA Tex - Gustav Berger's 371
P695-3TEX 695-3TEX
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