Whirling Hygrometer

The whirling hygrometer offers the maximum level of accuracy due to the nature of measurement. One of the most economic methods of monitoring relative humidity that utilises the wet and dry principle, thermometers manufactured to BS2842 allows accurate readings to be taken.

  • Range -5ºC to +50ºC
  • Accuracy +/- 0.2ºC
  • Dimensions 230mm x 50mm
  • Weight 200g

Operation: Housed in a robust yellow plastic frame and black folding handle, the instrument incorporates a water cistern linked to the "wet" bulb by means of a cotton sleeve. The whirling hygrometer is whirled rapidly for thirty seconds, after which time a reading of the two thermometers is taken, with the wet bulb thermometer normally read first. This is repeated until 2 consecutive readings are obtained which are comparable.

Relative humidity can then be determined by correlating the readings with those on the hygrometric table supplied with each instrument. The whirling hygrometer comes complete with hygrometric tables, three spare wicks and a carrying case.

Can be used to calibrate other digital humidity monitoring devices.

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Whirling Hygrometer with Carry Case
P952-2520 952-2520
Pack Size: Each Price: £54.95 ex VAT Low Stock
Spare Wick/Sleeve Whirling Hygrometer 952-2520
P952-2525 952-2525
Pack Size: Pkg 25 Price: £10.55 ex VAT Due in Stock
Thermometer Spare Red Spirit for Whirling/Mason Hygrometer
P952-2529 952-2529
Pack Size: Each Price: £12.00 ex VAT Low Stock

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