Analogue Display Case Hygrometer

This popular compact display case hygrometer is also ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity in storage shelves, archiving boxes and more.

Highly accurate and easier to use than similar mechanical hygrometers, doesn't require water, or any power supply. A cost effective unit for museum and gallery use to complement digital loggers. Recalibration is simple and can be performed using only a flat-blade screwdriver and calibrated device for reference (such as an Assmann psychrometer).

The device features a bi-metallic analogue mechanism for higher accuracy, with temperature measurement +/- 1 degree Celsius and RH +/- 5%.

Its unobtrusive compact size is 28mm x 48mm x 14mm, with easy to read dials despite its size.

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Display Case Hygrometer - Celsius
P167-2739 167-2739
Pack Size: Each Price: £19.95 ex VAT In Stock

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