Preservation Pencil

The Preservation Pencil was first available in 1989 and since that time hundreds have been supplied all over the world. The product has proved to be one of the most versatile conservation tools.

Sometimes it is necessary to use water when working with an item where fugitive media is present, one option in controlling introduction of moisture is the use of an ultrasonic humidifier. Additionally, when necessary, mist can be applied at elevated temperatures using the Preservation Pencil. The preservation pencil provides fine delicate jets of moist (or dry) air, from ambient to 100°c, and is used for removing glue, resins, old labels, separating layers, activating adhesives and enzymes, relaxing and cleaning. Cold moisture produced by the humidifier is heated by the Pencil to a desired predetermined temperature, which remains at a constant level managed by the control unit.

Watch our video for a guide on how the Preservation Pencil works. Click the thumbnail in the images.

Features over alternative steam units:

  • Temperatures below steam, ambient to 100ºC temperature range,
  • No scalding boiling water, dry air facility, adjustable moisture levels,
  • Instantaneous (no start up time), selection of support brackets, selection of nozzles,
  • Delicate jet of moisture (or dry), does not spit or drip
  • Available from stock, 20 plus years proven experience
  • Ergonomic handle grip, LCD temperature display, demineralisation filter,
  • 220/240 or 110 voltage, clear water container, UK manufactured

How does it work? The Preservation Pencil utilises cold mist, produced by the Ultrasonic Humidifier and distributed via the hose kit (Required, available separately), which is heated by the control unit, the desired temperature is selected at the unit which then remains at a constant precise temperature level. The digital display shows the actual working temperature. Adjustment is made by dialling the selected temperature, the control unit will then automatically adjust the Pencil and display the actual temperature. The available temperature range is from ambient - 100° C, users find the lower temperatures very useful especially for cleaning with enzymes. The dry air facility is especially useful for low temperature adhesives such as Beva 371 used in oil painting conservation.

Conservators continually find new uses for the product and quote "How could we manage without it".

Ultrasonic Humidifier and hose kit required, both are sold separately, please see 'Accessories to fit' below.

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Preservation Pencil 240 Volt
P805-0001 805-0001
Pack Size: Each Price: £950.00 ex VAT In Stock
Preservation Pencil 110 Volt
P805-0011 805-0011
Pack Size: Each Price: £950.00 ex VAT In Stock
Bench Bracket for Preservation Pencil
P805-0003 805-0003
Pack Size: Each Price: £16.95 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit
Ultrasonic Humidifier 240 Volt only
P805-7115 805-7115
Pack Size: Each Price: £59.00 ex VAT In Stock
Ultrasonic Humidifier 110 volt only
P805-7002 805-7002
Pack Size: Each Price: £69.00 ex VAT In Stock
Hose Kit (attachments & hose) for ultrasonic humidifier only
P805-0002 805-0002
Pack Size: Each Price: £47.50 ex VAT In Stock

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