How to make wheat starch paste adhesive [VIDEO]

Wheat starch paste adhesive is an acid free adhesive used widely in conservation. The preparation of the adhesive from the wheat starch powder requires cooking to produce the final adhesive paste. This video provides a guide to the process and expectations at all stages of cooking.

Equipment and materials;

  1. Water (De-ionised, reverse osmosis or distilled water is recommended)
  2. Wheat starch powder
  3. Double-boiler sauce pans
  4. Heat source
  5. Cooking/Mixing spatula
  6. Graduated beaker
  7. Mixing spoon

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wheat starch paste and brush

At room temperature, the paste will last for approximately three days at room temperature. If refrigerated, it will last for at least six days. Because refrigeration may cause the paste to lose its tack, it's best to make small batches, since the paste does not usually keep for more than a week. Diluted paste should be discarded as this cannot be stored for further use.

Straining and thinning is necessary because the paste becomes hard and rubbery when cool. Strain as much as you will need just before using. A strainer with tiny holes or a Japanese paste strainer can be used. Brush the strained paste against the bottom of a container while mixing in distilled water a little at a time until the paste reaches the consistency of mayonnaise. It is important to add the water gradually so that the paste does not separate out into clumps.

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