How to repair a tear in paper using Tengu gummed Japanese Tissue

Tengu gummed 5gsm invisible repair tissue is incredibly thin and, for its weight, incredibly strong. Coated on one side with a conservation grade adhesive, the 100% Kozo fibre tape is capable of making strong repairs without obscuring text or images.

The application method shown in our video is our recommended method and has been designed and tested by a professional paper conservator.

View Tengu Gummed Japanese tissue here

Tape application kit

Application kit

- All of the materials and tools you need in one handy kit

For all of the materials you need to apply the tape you can buy the application kit here

The tape application kit includes the following:

  • Tengu Gummed Tape Roll - 682-350GUM
  • Dry Cleaning Sponge - 961-1002
  • Waterbrush - 685-XMHBR
  • Curved Tweezers - 729-7343
  • Bone folder - 870-900B
  • A5 Blotting Paper x 10 Sheets
  • A5 Bondina (30gsm) x 10 Sheets

View the tape application kit here

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