How to use the PEL Preservation Pencil [VIDEO]

The PEL Preservation Pencil is an essential tool in many conservation studios due to it's versatility.

Here's our quick guide on how to set-up and use the machine to achieve excellent results that simply would not be possible without the Preservation Pencil.

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How does it work? The Preservation Pencil utilises cold mist, produced by the Ultrasonic Humidifier and distributed via the hose kit (Required, available separately), which is heated by the control unit, the desired temperature is selected at the unit which then remains at a constant precise temperature level. The digital display shows the actual working temperature. Adjustment is made by dialling the selected temperature, the control unit will then automatically adjust the Pencil and display the actual temperature. The available temperature range is from ambient - 100° C, users find the lower temperatures very useful especially for cleaning with enzymes. The dry air facility is especially useful for low temperature adhesives such as Beva 371 used in oil painting conservation.

Sometimes it is necessary to use water when working with an item where fugitive media is present, one option in controlling introduction of moisture is the use of an ultrasonic humidifier. Additionally, when necessary, mist can be applied at elevated temperatures using the Preservation Pencil.

Read more about the preservation pencil here

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