Film Cans

Archival Film Cans for the safe, archival storage of 16mm and 35mm film on cores.

Storing films in rusting metal film cans may be one of the chief causes of their deterioration, archival plastic polypropylene is a much more suitable material.

These film cans of inert polypropylene won't rust or corrode like the original metal cans your film probably came in. Small vents in these containers allow the exchange of acidic gasses (a by-product of deterioration - 'Vinegar Syndrome') which would otherwise build up inside the can and speed the breakdown of the film.

These cans are flame retardant and contain less than 4% halogen which means that in the event of a fire there is virtually no release of chlorine or bromine gas.

For storage of films on cores only (not reels) .

Casing answering to the standards drawn by ANSI, SIN and SMPTE.

See full dimensions in 'Specification' tab below.

  • Silver Grey colour
  • 100% prime polypropylene, inert and safe
  • Designed allowing ventilation to prevent build-up of damaging gases
  • The cans are stackable, with a secure interlocking system

Hubs Designed to prevent lateral sliding during transportation. and used to hold an audio reel of 10". Made of polypropylene Available in a size to fit 2000ft containers.

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16mm/400ft (120m)
P519-22504 519-22504
Pack Size: Each Price: £4.39 ex VAT Due in Stock
16mm/800ft (240m)
P519-22506 519-22506
Pack Size: Each Price: £6.50 ex VAT Due in Stock
16mm/1200ft (360m)
P519-22512 519-22512
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.25 ex VAT Due in Stock
16mm/2000ft (600m)
P519-22522 519-22522
Pack Size: Each Price: £12.45 ex VAT In Stock
35mm/1000ft (300m)
P519-23510 519-23510
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.95 ex VAT In Stock
35mm/1200ft (360m)
P519-23516 519-23516
Pack Size: Each Price: £8.15 ex VAT Low Stock
35mm/2000ft (600m)
P519-23520 519-23520
Pack Size: Each Price: £13.35 ex VAT In Stock
Hub for 2000ft. (600m) Film Container
P519-20000 519-20000
Pack Size: Each Price: £2.80 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock
Accessories to fit
3" core for 16mm film container
P519-52030 519-52030
Pack Size: Each Price: £1.30 ex VAT In Stock
3" core for 35mm film container
P519-53230 519-53230
Pack Size: Each Price: £1.85 ex VAT In Stock
16mm Film Can labels 20mm x 154mm | 16 per sheet | 256 in total
P519-2218 519-2218
Pack Size: Pkg 256 Price: £99.95 ex VAT In Stock
35mm Film Can labels 25mm x 204mm | 12 per sheet | 192 in total
P519-2321 519-2321
Pack Size: Pkg 192 Price: £99.95 ex VAT In Stock



Interior & Thickness: 178mm/25mm (7.01"/0.98")

Exterior & Thickness: 194mm/28mm (7.64"/1.11")


Interior & Thickness: 235mm/25mm (9.25"/0.98")

Exterior & Thickness: 251mm/28mm (9.88"/1.11")


Interior & Thickness: 285mm/25mm (11.22"/0.98")

Exterior & Thickness: 305mm/27mm (12.01"/1.08")


Interior & Thickness: 360mm/25mm (14.17"/0.98")

Exterior & Thickness: 380mm/28mm (14.96"/1.10")


Interior & Thickness: 260mm/39mm (10.24"/1.54")

Exterior & Thickness: 280mm/46mm (11.02"/1.81")


Interior & Thickness: 281mm/44mm (11.06"/1.73")

Exterior & Thickness: 305mm/47mm (12.01"/1.83")


Interior & Thickness: 360mm/39mm (14.17"/1.54")

Exterior & Thickness: 380mm/46mm (14.96"/1.81")

519-20000 (Hub)

Exterior & Thickness: 305mm/48mm (12.01"/1.89")

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