Tyvek Map & Banner Sleeves

Tyvek is already used in a number of conservation storage methods especially textiles and papers.

This protective material has high tensile/tear strength in all directions because its constituent fibres are spun-bonded. The relatively slick surface is a further barrier and prevents fragile maps snagging. Most professional conservators are well aware of the benefits of Tyvek. This is the reason why we have introduced these map and banner sleeves.

Available in two widths in 25 metre rolls, simply cut the sleeve to the length you require. The open ends can be sealed in our Crossweld sealing machine, stitched or tied with tape.

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120mm x 25M (76mm / 3" diameter)
P428-1200 428-1200
Pack Size: Roll Price: £26.40 ex VAT In Stock
240mm x 25M (152mm / 6" diameter)
P428-2400 428-2400
Pack Size: Roll Price: £36.30 ex VAT In Stock

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