Tyvek Rolls - 1622E

Tyvek® 1622E is a pin perforated Tyvek® similar to our 1443R grade. The perforations (0.25 - 0.38mm) give additional softness, flexibility and permeability to both air and moisture.

Tyvek® is used for transporting and storage for works of art. The 1622E soft structure material is pH neutral, lint free allowing condensation to escape and gives protection from external damage. The fabric-like texture is soft and smooth, prevents scratching surfaces, flexible, tear resistant and breathable.

1622E has a weight of 41.5gsm and a thickness of 145micron. All Tyvek® from PEL is on a 3"(76mm) core wrapped and suitably boxed for protection in transit.

PEL is a Dupont appointed stockist for Tyvek® we keep high stock levels for immediate dispatch supplying museums, collectors, shipping companies, galleries and many others world wide.

1443R - A water resistant Tyvek fabric, grade 1442R is also available, click here or see 'Recommended' tab below. Slightly less soft and flexible than 1622E, 1442R (formally known as 1443R) grade may be preferable where water resistance is required.

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Tyvek Roll (Grade:1622E) 1524mm x 25M
Pack Size: Roll Price: £50.00 ex VAT In Stock
Tyvek Roll (Grade:1622E) 1524mm x 100M
Pack Size: Roll Price: £170.00 ex VAT In Stock
Tyvek Roll (Grade:1622E) 760mm x 25M
Pack Size: Roll Price: £32.00 ex VAT In Stock
Tyvek Roll (Grade:1622E) 760mm x 100M
Pack Size: Roll Price: £92.00 ex VAT Low Stock
  • Basis weight in g/m2 | 41.5 (Sample size 100 cm2)
  • Thickness in μm | 145
  • Tensilein N/2.54 cm modified for speed & gauge, length MD is machine direction, XD is cross direction
  • Tensile MD | 82
  • Tensile XD | 72

Is Tyvek 1622E waterproof? No, Tyvek 1622E has no water resistance, it is a permeable fabric which is pin perforated to provide a softer finish and allow extra air flow. For water resistance you will require Tyvek 1433R

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