Orvus Paste Gentle Textile Cleaning Detergent

Orvus Paste is an exceptionally gentle conservation grade detergent, recommended for cleaning many fine textiles and upholstery (except silk).

Synthetic anionic detergent with a neutral pH which will remove most common dirt and stains.

Orvus Paste is readily soluble in both hot/cold water, this product can be used as a wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and sudsing agent.

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Orvus Paste - 1lb. (454gm)
L963-1000 963-1000
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.95 ex VAT Low Stock
Orvus Paste 7.5lb. (3.4kg)
P963-1075 963-1075
Pack Size: Each Price: £41.50 ex VAT In Stock

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