Pacific Silvercloth

Pacific Silvercloth tarnish preventing material keeps your silver and silver plated articles clean, bright and shining without polishing.

Thousands of silver particles embedded in the rich brown, velvety cloth absorb tarnish producing atmospheric gases before they reach the silver. 80gsm material weight (approx 0.6mm thickness), drapable to conform to shapes of objects.

Pacific Silvercloth also protects against dust and scratches. Cloth is 965mm (38") wide. Instructions on how to make custom bags, pouches, rolls and how to line drawers and cabinets in downloads below.

Note: Laundering reduces effectiveness.

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Pacific Silvercloth 965mm (38") x 2.74m (3yd)
L929-0003 929-0003
Pack Size: 3 Yards Price: £74.56 ex VAT In Stock
Pacific Silvercloth 965mm (38") x 13.71m (15yd)
L929-0015 929-0015
Pack Size: 15 Yards Price: £306.26 ex VAT In Stock
Pacific Silvercloth Sample
Pack Size: Sample Price: £1.00 ex VAT In Stock

Pacific Silvercloth

Special Sorbents for the Protection of Silver against tarnishing. Tarnishing of silver is mainly caused by hydrogen sulphide and – to a minor degree – other pollutants like sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and chlorine. Relative humidity is an important factor in these reaction processes.

Many current methods of protecting silver from tarnishing (laquering, coatings or vapour phase inhibitors) have shown serious negative side-effects. Removing the gaseous contaminants from the air is therefore a convincing and safe way of protecting precious silver objects (including photographic material, other metals and metallic based paints) which leaves the objects untouched and unchanged. General pollutant scavengers like Purafil or activated carbon slow down tarnishing of silver objects considerably, too. Comparative tests however showed that special zincoxide based sorbents or Pacific Silvercloth provide by far superior protection.

Pacific Silvercloth is a 100% cotton fabric embedded with thousands of fine silver particles. It is produced by precipitation of pure, colloidal silver on a cotton fabric. This fabric absorbs tarnish producing gases before they reach the silver items. It is 96.5cm wide, napped and only comes in one colour which is brown (colour of the colloidal silver on the fibres).

Pacific Silvercloth is twice as effective as fabrics that are embedded with zinc or other metals. It can be effective for several decades depending on the environment where the silver is stored. It can be placed directly on silver or glued to drawers or cabinet walls.

Pacific Silvercloth does not emit any chemicals (unlike fabrics containing vapour phase inhibitors) and has successfully been used in many museums and silverware shops. It can be used for silver on display and in storage cabinets.

For silverware stored in leaky cupboards or in frequent use (like in churches) protective bags can be sewn using Pacific Silvercloth. If drawers are to be lined with Pacific Silvercloth, an extra lap should cover the drawer in order to surround and enclose the objects contained in the drawer completely. Absorption of pollutants changes the colour of the fabric from brown to black, so the colour gives a certain indication if the fabric is still effective.

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