Evolon Microfilament Material

Evolon is a unique, microfilament fabric with a multitude of conservation uses, from cleaning, drying, blotting, humidification, support, interleaving and more. PEL's Evolon fabric is the premium 'Softened' grade for added flexibility and an even softer surface.

  • Strong capilliary action with minimal lateral bleed ideal for spot cleaning i.e. on suction table.
  • Soft, drapable and light (130 gsm), but at the same time, is also strong even when wet.
  • Compact lint free fibre structure makes it dense providing good barrier and filtration properties. Microfilaments of polyester and polyamide measure 0.15 Decitex.
  • Very absorbent (up to 400% of its own weight in liquid), but also quick to dry and breathable. It can also be cut and sewn like any traditional textile.
  • PVC-free; made from polyester, polyamide and water.
  • No solvents or binders are used in its manufacture.
  • pH of 7.

Uses; for humidification of works of art on paper, interleaving, washing and spot cleaning, to aid drying, as a support material for wet treatments, wrapping and we are sure many more uses will be discovered.

Evolon has been studied by leading conservators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we recommend you read their paper online on conservation-us.org.

Available in sheets or rolls.

Code Description Pack Size Price Stock QTY
P908-4310 908-4310 Evolon 1025mm x 10M Roll Each £47.35 (ex VAT) In Stock
P908-4344 908-4344 Evolon 510mm x 510mm 25 Sheets Each £25.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
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