Glass frame spacer - Econospace

Econospace clear frame spacer bar, a simple solution for conservation framing, keeps the glass away from the art.

  • Works on both wood and metal frames
  • Acid-free high-tack acrylic adhesive.

EconoSpace® is hollow for stiffness and lightness, does not sag in the frame, cuts clean and easily.

Available in clear with one side matte and the other side glossy to be unobtrusive and create the right effect inside of the frame.

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1.587mm x 1.5M - 1/16"
P724-0062 724-0062
Pack Size: Pkg 20 Price: £39.60 ex VAT In Stock
3.175mm x 1.5M - 1/8"
P724-0125 724-0125
Pack Size: Pkg 20 Price: £39.60 ex VAT In Stock
6.35mm x 1.5M - 1/4"
P724-0150 724-0150
Pack Size: Pkg 12 Price: £30.55 ex VAT Due in Stock

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