Tyvek Paper Sheets 1073D - A4, A3, A2, A1

Tyvek 1073D spunbound paper in ISO sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1+ is perfect for durable print media, protective backing, wrapping and interleaving. Will help protect against dust, won't tear, is waterproof, and is resistant to mould growth.

Our 75gsm Tyvek 1073D is a sheet of pure spun-bonded polyethylene olefin fibres. It is acid-free, lighter, smoother, tougher and longer lasting than paper. Tyvek is unaffected by water/humidity, most solvents and most fumigants.

Stiffer, smoother and more paper like than 1422R or 1622E grades. Can be used for backing frames, printing, as water resistant paper, packing, interleaving, crafts, or making enclosures.

  • Weight - 75gsm
  • Can be glued, sewn, stapled or welded using our Crossweld machine
  • Will not tear and is puncture resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Tyvek 1073D is resistant to weathering
  • Can be printed upon, screen, offset, UV inkjet, thermal transfer, digital (some), inkjet (coated styles), Flexo, HP Indigo and Letterpress printing processes, not suitable for laser printers
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A4 Tyvek 1073D Sheets 297 x 210mm - 50 Sheets
P212-90A4 212-90A4
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £7.95 ex VAT Due in Stock
A3 Tyvek 1073D Sheets 420 x 297mm - 50 Sheets
P212-90A3 212-90A3
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £14.95 ex VAT In Stock
A2 Tyvek 1073D Sheets 594 x 420mm - 50 Sheets
P212-90A2 212-90A2
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £29.50 ex VAT In Stock
A1+ Tyvek 1073D Sheets 900 x 640mm - 50 Sheets
P212-9064 212-9064
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £57.00 ex VAT Low Stock
A1+ Tyvek 1073D Sheets 900 x 640mm - 250 Sheets
P212-9000 212-9000
Pack Size: Pkg 250 Price: £270.00 ex VAT Due in Stock

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