Tyvek Roll - 1560K (Extra UV Resistance)

Tyvek 1560K provides over 97% protection from UV light.

Tyvek 1560K will not degrade in UV light and is therefore suitable for long term use outside and in areas where long term UV exposure is expected. Standard grades of Tyvek will eventually degrade as a result of prolonged exposure to UV light reducing protection. Tyvek 1560K's properties mean it can last up to 10 times as long as standard grades of Tyvek when used in exposed areas outdoors offering up to 5 years of protection.

Tyvek 1560K is ideal for protection and wrapping of external exhibitions, sculptures, vehicles, monuments or protecting displays and furniture near sources of UV such as windows. pH neutral, lint free allowing condensation to escape and gives protection from external damage. The surface texture is soft and smooth like a soft fabric or paper and prevents scratching surfaces. Tyvek is flexible, tear resistant and breathable.

  • Will not degrade under prolonged exposure to UV light, ideal for external applications
  • 97% Protection from UV light (standard Tyvek 1442R and 1622E grades offer 91%)
  • Material Weight; 58gsm. Heavier and stronger than 1442R & 1622E
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance ideal for objects that may snag or tear other materials
  • Water resistant and breathable
  • Tyvek® is reusable and recyclable. It’s made from 100% HDPE, it contains no fillers or binders and it’s inert
  • Non-woven mesh of 100% inert high-density polyethylene fibres
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Tyvek Roll (Grade:1560K) 1524mm x 25M
P212-1560 212-1560
Pack Size: Roll Price: £90.00 ex VAT In Stock
Tyvek Roll (Grade:1560K) 1524mm x 100M
P212-1560100 212-1560100
Pack Size: Roll Price: £324.00 ex VAT In Stock

Surface weight 58 g/m² DIN EN ISO 536
Thickness 170 micron DIN EN ISO 534

Tensile strength 165/140 N/5cm (MD/XD) EN 12311-1
Resistance to perforation 525 kPa ISO 2758
Tear resistance 65/60 N (MD/XD) EN 12310-1

Water column 200 cm DIN EN 20811
Water vapour permeability 1,600 g/m² - 24 hours DIN EN ISO 12572

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