Art-Sorb Moisture Control Sheets

Art-Sorb is a moisture sensitive silica material which absorbs and desorbs moisture in order to offset changes in external relative humidity. Art Sorb provides over 5 times the moisture buffering capacity of regular density silica gel, and is even more efficient at higher levels of relative humidity.

Sheets: A non-woven sheet of archival polyethylene/polypropylene fibres is impregnated with fine particles of Art-Sorb. It can be used to line the sides, bottom or top of a display case, or placed in a frame. ArtSorb sheets can be cut to size to suit your application. About 5-10 sheets should be used to manage the RH level of around 1 cubic metre. Art Sorb sheets are preconditioned at 50%RH.

Quantities will vary according to the environment where used, and we recommend monitoring the conditions with a hygrometer to ensure correct humidity is achieved.

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Art-Sorb Sheet 50% RH 500 x 500 x 2mm
P857-1919 857-1919
Pack Size: Each Price: £22.35 ex VAT In Stock
Art-Sorb Sheets 50% RH 500 x 500 x 2mm
P857-1919/20 857-1919/20
Pack Size: Pkg 20 Price: £399.00 ex VAT Due in Stock

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