Indicating Silica Gel

This silica gel replaces the old indicating cobalt blue gel that currently is presumed to be carcinogenic. This means the blue to red is safe to use and is a clear indicator when red it is saturated.

Depending on the moisture content it changes its colour from blue to red. Blended with standard non indicating silica gel it gives you an indication when it requires regeneration(a ratio of 1:10 is ideal). The colour shift occurs between 15-45% RH so the colour change gives you a good indication about the remaining capacity of the silica gel. Regeneration temperature should not exceed 140°C in order not to damage the indicator. Granular size 2-5mm round beads.

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Silica Gel (Blue to Red) Indicating
P857-6001 857-6001
Pack Size: Kilo 1 Price: £17.95 ex VAT In Stock
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P078-6525 078-6525
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Humidity Cassette Large 330 x 114 x 38mm
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Pack Size: Each Price: £67.50 ex VAT In Stock

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