Dust Masks

These dust masks are available in various designs with latex-free elastic, offering differing levels of protection from dust, fumes, spores and more.

214-5211 - Traditionally designed mask without a valve offering protection from solid and liquid aerosol variants. Conforms to EN149. FFP1-111. APF4 OES.

214-5221 - Moulded Valved Dust Mask - Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) for fine non-toxic dusts, fibres and mists. Conforms to EN149. FFP2-122. AFP10 OES.

214-5200 - Disposable lightweight fold flat dust mask with class 1 efficiency for low risk hazards. Individually wrapped and can easily fit in a pocket. Ergonomic shape . Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009

214-63210 - Conforms to EN 149F. FP3 - 99% minimum filtration efficiency. Moulded disposable respirator with comfort foam surround, adjustable nose clip, four-point adjustable harness and low resistance exhalation valve for easy breathing. A mouldable nose bridge and 360° foam area around the inside provide comfort and a firmer fit. Metal free, 4-point adjustable straps create a firm and adaptable fit.

Valves reduce condensation build-up within the mask which can be important for the comfort of the wearer, particularly when worn for more than a few minutes at a time.

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Dust Mask - No Valve Fine Toxic Dusts & Fibres P1 FFP1-111
P214-5211 214-5211
Pack Size: Pkg 20 Price: £11.95 ex VAT In Stock
Dust Masks - Valved Fine Dusts & Fibres NPF 12.5 x OES FFP2-122
P214-5221 214-5221
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £9.95 ex VAT In Stock
Dust Masks - Valved Very Fine Toxic Dusts FFP3
P214-63210 214-63210
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £15.95 ex VAT In Stock
Dust Mask - No valve Fold Flat Mask FFPI-211
P214-5200 214-5200
Pack Size: Pkg 20 Price: £15.44 ex VAT In Stock

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