Smoke Sponges

Smoke sponges made of vulcanized natural rubber. Our dry cleaning sponges will effectively remove soot and smoke damage from wallpaper, painted metal and wood surfaces, fabrics and a variety of additional surfaces.

Please note: some variances in sponge structure and weight may be evident between stock from different batches. This is due to a short-term global manufacturing resource change that is affecting all manufacturers and is out of our control.

Widely used for clean-up following fire damage, the cleaning applications for these versatile sponges continue to grow.

  • Ideal for cleaning dry soiling of stone and hard surfaces
  • Use dry, as you would a pencil eraser, dry cleaning sponges leave no residue
  • Can be used on fabrics where solvent or wet cleaning is not desired or possible
  • Conservators use them for dry cleaning of books and paper, particularly for dust and dry mould
  • Quickly remove dust, lint and hair from fabrics, carpets, curtains and more

For more sensitive surfaces such as works of art on paper, precious books etc consider the Akapad dry cleaning sponges (see 'Recommended) tab.

Sponges can be washed in cold water, using a little soap, but must be thoroughly air-dried before reusing. Should be stored away from sunlight.

As used in our Just-in-Case Case disaster preparedness kit.

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Dry Cleaning Sponge - Rubber - Small 76 x 152 x 20mm
P961-1002 961-1002
Pack Size: Each Price: £1.95 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock
Dry Cleaning Sponge Large - Rubber - 76 x 152 x 45mm
P961-1000 961-1000
Pack Size: Each Price: £2.95 ex VAT In Stock

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