Conservators Sponge - Hydrophilic

The closed-cell structure of our conservator's sponge is hydrophilic and can be used for various conservation procedures such as:

  • Wet repairs to remove residual water, as the repair tissue does not attach to the sponge.
  • Small disasters – absorbs a large amount of water rapidly.
  • Painting and artwork conservators use the sponge with solvents to clean and remove varnish.
  • In paper repair - when leafcasting to remove excess water without lifting off the pulp repair.
  • Can also be used in conjunction with draft cleaning powder.
  • No doubt conservators will find other uses for the Conservators Sponge ™.

The sponges can be shaped to suit the requirements of the project. By allowing the sponge to dry out, it becomes harder and can be cut to the desired shape with a sharp knife. Immersion in water for a few minutes softens the sponge so that it is ready to use again.

Part of the 'Just-in-case-case' disaster preparedness kit

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73 x 48 x 35mm - Sponges - Blue - Pack of 2
P961-2000 961-2000
Pack Size: Pkg 2 Price: £4.25 ex VAT In Stock
19 x 48 x 23mm - Sponges - White - Pack of 24
P701-20128 701-20128
Pack Size: Pkg 24 Price: £4.95 ex VAT Due in Stock

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