PEL Cold Suction Table

Cold suction tables are used for stain removal, spot cleaning, relaxing, parchment treatment, removing creases and cockling, spot leaf casting and other paper or textile conservation work.

PEL's experience in supplying cold suction tables has enabled us to develop a system that is high quality, affordable solution, capable of performing to the demands of conservators

  • Manufactured completely in stainless steel to allow (if required) solvents to be used. The removable perforated top enables thorough cleaning inside the table and the vacuum airways. The stainless steel support stand (available separately) is designed for the vacuum system to be located directly beneath the work surface.
  • The suction table can be used either on a workbench or the support stand.
  • Comes with 2 metres of hose and Y piece (extra length of hose available). For optimum drying, remove one hose, this will allow cross airflow below the object instead of totally pulling through it, especially useful in treating textiles and parchment.
  • We recommend the 561-4500 (see 'Recommended' items below) wet and dry vacuum with adjustable suction for use with the suction table. It's adjustable power allows gentle suction, coupled with low noise levels.
  • When using the Acrylic Dome (Pictured, 0107-8063) we suggest our Ultrasonic Humidifier Kit (Pictured, 805-7007) is used to generate moist air, which gives an equal movement of mist within the dome, allowing relaxation to be controlled and even.
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Stainless Steel Suction Table & Connection Hose
Pack Size: Each Price: £595.00 ex VAT In Stock
Table Support Stand for 0107-8060
Pack Size: Each Price: £299.00 ex VAT Low Stock
Acrylic Dome
Pack Size: Each Price: £395.00 ex VAT Due in Stock

0107-8060 Suction Table:

Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 60mm

Weight: 18kg

Perforations are 1.5mm holes of 2.6mm pitch

30% open area.

0107-8600 Support Stand:

Dimensions: 780 x 580 x 900mm

Weight: 9kg

Working height with the support stand is 960mm.

0107-8063 Acrylic Dome:

Made from 6mm acrylic

800mm x 600mm x 330mm (H)

Includes a large damper to regulate the build up of negative vacuum pressure inside the dome and prevent excessive external pressure on the dome.

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