Lightweight Thermocutter - Foam Cutter

'Thermocutter' foam cutting hot knife tool, with electrically heated blade. Designed for cutting Plastazote® foam, Ethafoam® and Polystyrene. It will also cut other types of foam and plastic materials easily and effortlessly.

  • Make professional display supports, shipping cavity trays and storage protection that fits artefacts and specimens.
  • Its slim handle with spring-loaded on-off switch allows precise cutting in areas of limited access.
  • Operating temperature is adjustable by a small fingertip control adjusting the blade to heat instantly to the correct working temperature and speed of cut.
  • It can cut through foam effortlessly, up to 5” (130mm) thick.
  • To change blades simply loosen the Allen key screws and insert another blade.

A variety of blades are available for specific tasks and shaping of foam. Deciding on which type of blade to choose depends on the shape of cut and the material being used. Blades are purchased separately (see recommended tab below)

For example, the PDT50 allows vertical cuts and the larger plate guides the blade in a straight line. PT015/06 is good for a chopping action, or cutting small pieces of foam. The PT2 blades have a cutting edge on both sides, allowing cutting back and forth. You should choose the length of blade to suit the thickness of foam, this will prevent overheating on continuous work. The PT150 wire blade (bestselling blade) can be shaped to the contour of a particular shape.

Blade not included. See Thermocutter Blades in recommended section below - For users who will regularly use the Thermocutter for extended periods, the Thermocutter with control station is recommended, see 'Alternatives' tab below.

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Lightweight Thermocutter - Foam Cutter
Pack Size: Each Price: £195.00 ex VAT In Stock

Power Supply: 220/240 voltage

Power Consumption: 150 Watt

Weight: 300g

Power Cord: 5M Length

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