UV Work Lamp - 15 LED

This high intensity UV Lamp provides a large illuminated area which enables conservators to reveal evidence of imperfections and previous restoration and repair to works of art.

Operates at peak 365nm wavelength, the most appropriate wavelength for general conservation examination purposes. See 'Specification' tab below for more details.

Ideal for examination of paintings, paper, books and ceramics, exposing issues which are not easily visible in normal lighting. Other applications include detection of forgeries, mould, and enhancement of difficult-to-read print on paper and parchment.

Blackout conditions are not required due to the excellent brightness of indications against a large background. Ideal for examination of larger items, the lamp can be used at a distance of up to 1 metre from the subject. This high intensity UV blacklight reveals evidence which can be difficult to determine using medium or low intensity UV lighting.

The UV flood lamp unit is compact and lightweight. Constructed in aluminium to provide robustness and durability. It is simple to operate and can be used hand-held with the included pistol handle. 110-240V AC connection.

The equipment is CE approved and is supplied complete with comprehensive operating instructions detailing safe operation in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines. Supplied with the maximum permissible UV light exposure times for unprotected skin and eyes.

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UV 15 LED Flood Lamp
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