UV LED Torch - Rechargeable High Power 5W 365nm

High power 365nm professional standard 5W LED UV torch with uniform beam and rechargeable power source.

Durable design, with T6061 aluminium alloy body and IP68 water resistance. The higher power of this 5W torch means that some inspection can be performed without the requirement for a dark room. The even uniform beam is perfect for conservation applications.

Ultra Violet light in the 365nm wavelength has various usages such as; reading faded inks, detecting previous repairs under paintings or in ceramics, adhesive curing, forgery detection, detecting some bacteria and stains, mineral and insect identification, security marking and inspection.

  • UV intensity 10000μw/cm2 at 15cm distance - 1470μw/cm2 at 38cm distance
  • High quality uniform 365nm UV output ideal for conservation purposes
  • Convenient integrated rechargeable power source via standard USB-C connection
  • Long battery life up to 2 hours from a single charge
  • Durable T6061 Aluminium body with IP68 water resistance

Size: 33mm x 159mm

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UV LED Torch 365nm - Rechargeable High Power 5W
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