Orbit HEPA Blower

Orbit HEPA Blower for non-contact, zero static cleaning and removal of surface debris from sensitive items. Air is filtered through a HEPA filter to capture dust and moisture and prevent re-depositing on clean surfaces.

  • Removal of dust, dirt, eraser crumbs and other debris from repaired and restored documents.
  • Remove dust, board lint and other prior to creating a conservation frame package.
  • Clean objects when a brush can't reach.
  • Clean without creating static
  • Perfect for cleaning photo camera lenses, sensors, as well as film and negatives.

What makes this blower different from the dozens of blowers on the market? Its design is so effective that the Orbit is the ONLY blower approved by NASA for use on the International Space Station! ORBIT utilizes the latest 2nd generation of HEPA filters. Meets both U.S and European standards for removal of at least 99.5% of airborne contaminants

The high quality robust silicone rubber bulb is suitable for everyday use.

Size: Height: 190mm, Diameter: 60mm, Weight: 75g

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Orbit HEPA Blower
P925-6008 925-6008
Pack Size: Each Price: £44.75 ex VAT Due in Stock

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