Fragile object dusting brush - Goat or Badger hair

Fragile object cleaning brush for the safe cleaning of delicate surfaces such as ornate giltwood frames, intricate carvings, delicate glassware and more.

  • Silicone guard prevents accidental damage
  • Available with badger hair or goat’s hair bristles
  • Short handle enables close working distance
  • Ideal for surface cleaning of fragile gold leaf, as well as ornate and intricate frames and objects

The brush ferrule is sleeved in a protective clear silicone guard. The guard prevents chips and abrasions possible using a standard brush with an exposed metal ferrule. The silicone will not snag on the object, as can happen with cloth wrapping and will not mark surfaces if accidentally knocked.

The brush’s short handle enables a closer working distance for delicate work. Badger hair, whilst very soft, is stiffer and has a natural spring which helps remove dust without excess movement of the brush. White goat hair is softer than badger hair and suited to very fragile surfaces.

Total brush length 190mm. Silicone guard 22mm x 50mm. Bristles 50mm long x 30mm wide. Handle length including guard 140mm.

Please note: Some initial bristle loss is expected with natural hair brushes, this can be reduced by combing and manipulating the brush head before use.

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Badger Hair Cleaning Brush
P869-2777 869-2777
Pack Size: Each Price: £17.95 ex VAT In Stock
White Goat Hair Cleaning Brush
P869-2666 869-2666
Pack Size: Each Price: £9.50 ex VAT In Stock

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