CompuCleaner Xpert - Electric duster 550W

The CompuCleaner Xpert electric duster is ideal for contact-free cleaning of surfaces using filtered high pressure air alone.

The dual speed 550w motor is perfect for clearing non hazardous dusts and debris, with a low-power setting for more delicate jobs, and high-power for stubborn dirt. The choice of nozzles and no contact make it ideal for jobs where a brush or cloth is not suitable, removing the risk of abrasion, lint and static. Use in combination with one of the included brushes for stubborn dust or your own soft cleaning brush. Air is filtered to prevent re-contamination.

Use for abrasion-free and static-free cleaning of any number of surfaces:

  • Clearing work surfaces after cutting board, paper or foam
  • Clearing cleaning powders from books, papers and work surfaces
  • Cleaning glass and mounted art before assembling frames
  • Dusting sculptures, ceramics, frames and other mouldings or carvings
  • Cleaning scanners, cameras or other glass lenses
  • Internal cleaning of electrical equipment

Included: 3 nozzles, 3 ESD safe brushes, CompuCleaner Xpert Dual Speed Duster Unit, UK plug. (EU plug versions available as a special order)

Designed in the UK initially for the cleaning of delicate computer components. Unlike cans of compressed air the CompuCleaner is 100% reusable, reducing waste and offers a consistent airflow.

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CompuCleaner Xpert 2 Speed Electric Duster
P561-2000 561-2000
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