Beva Gesso-P

BEVA® Artist Gesso-p Gustav Berger's Original Formula

Beva® Artist Gesso is highly elastic putty capable of following the movements of the substrate solving an age old problem.

Combining a compressible, inert mineral power, oxidation inhibitors, UV stabilisers, a buffer to remain a non-acidic pH and BEVA® resins, Beva® Artist Gesso is a stable gesso, yet reversible with heat or with mild hydrocarbons solvents.

  • Beva® Artist Gesso adheres to wood, plastics, metals, paint, etc.
  • It may be tinted with dry pigments.
  • Smooth and flexible, it can be shaped or textured (dries white).
  • Beva® Artist Gesso works with all media (oil, alcohol, or aqueous) and can be burnished and gilded.
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Beva Gesso-P
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