EVA Neutral pH Adhesive

This specially formulated archival, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), neutral pH adhesive was created for the lamination of paper and paperboard.

The reversible adhesive is free of plasticisers and less susceptible to acid hydrolysis than more common archival quality adhesives which can sometimes break down and emit acetic acid vapours. These vapours can be particularly harmful to items stored in a microclimate of a box or a drawer. The incorporation of a small quantity of calcium carbonate buffering agent also helps to stabilise the adhesive.

EVA adhesive is ideal for general bookbinding applications, creating boxes and envelopes, and for laminating paper and board. A rugged, reusable plastic pump to dispense small quantities of glue from gallon containers is also offered.

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EVA Neutral pH Adhesive 950ml
P601-1032 601-1032
Pack Size: Each Price: £20.00 ex VAT Due in Stock
EVA Neutral pH Adhesive 3.8L
P601-1128 601-1128
Pack Size: Each Price: £49.00 ex VAT Due in Stock
Accessories to fit
Dispenser Pump - Fits 3.8L Size Only
L411-1000 411-1000
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.95 ex VAT Low Stock

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