Fish Glue

Fish glue used for a number of conservation and repair purposes in painting, gilding, bookbinding, box making, wood instruments and furniture repair.

Fish glue is a high tack adhesive but has a longer setting time which suits some applications. It is reversible with water and and has excellent remoistening properties.

  • Excellent adhesion on wood, ceramics and metal.
  • Reversible, can be reactivated and thinned with water.
  • Long shelf life (up to 10 years) and low odour
  • High elasticity and high strength
  • High initial tack and slow setting
  • Good resistance to solvents and heat

Available in 300gm and 1Kg sizes.

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Fish Glue 300g
P635-155 635-155
Pack Size: 300 g Price: £11.00 ex VAT In Stock
Fish Glue 1kg
P635-164 635-164
Pack Size: Kilo 1 Price: £26.00 ex VAT In Stock

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