Fish Glue

Fish glue used for a number of conservation and repair purposes in painting, gilding, bookbinding, box making, wood instruments and furniture repair.

Fish glue is a high tack adhesive but has a longer setting time which suits some applications. It is reversible with water and and has excellent remoistening properties.

  • Excellent adhesion on wood, ceramics and metal.
  • Reversible, can be reactivated and thinned with water.
  • Long shelf life (up to 10 years) and low odour
  • High elasticity and high strength
  • High initial tack and slow setting
  • Good resistance to solvents and heat

Available in 300gm and 1Kg sizes.

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Fish Glue 300g
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Fish Glue 1kg
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Fish glue is a highly viscous liquid at room temperature. Thickens when cooled down, it reaches a rubber-like consistency at 0c and below. Fish glue can be made liquid again by heating without any loss of quality. Fish glueis a natural product which is obtained by cooking fish skin, followed by evaporation.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Color: Light caramel
  • Temperature range: -30°F to +500°F
  • Solid content: approx 45 %
  • Water content: approx. 55 %
  • Viscosity at 24°C: 4000 cps
  • Average molecular weight: 60,000
  • Melting point: 5 - 10°C
  • Ash: Less than 0.1%
  • pH-Value: 4 – 6
  • Specific gravity (20°C): 1.17 g/cm3
  • Time to tack: 1 Minute
  • Open time: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Storability: Excellent (freeze-thaw stable)
  • Flammability: Non-flammable
  • Shear strength: 3200 PSI with 50 % wood failure (ASTM D 905)
  • The viscosity is measured at 24°C with a model LVT Brookfield Viscometer 4°C. This method uses a rotating spindle inserted into the liquid.
  • No gel-depressants are added. Small amounts of sassafras are added to improve fragrance.

Application Methods Surface may be coated by roller coat, knife coat or brush coat. Applications

  1. As an additive to adhesive formulations in the manufacture of remoistenable gummed paper packaging tapes.
  2. Wood gluing when long open times are needed for assembly operations.
  3. Paper bonding of heavy grade box board in packaging.
  4. Bonding of manila paper for identification tag manufacturing.
  5. As a water based leather finish.
  6. Any application where it is desirable to supply an adhesive coated surface which is to be re-activated much later by simple water remoistening. Advantages
  7. High initial tack when first coated or when remoistening the dry adhesive film.
  8. Slow setting for wood bonding applications when open times are desirable.
  9. Good solvent resistance.
  10. Excellent heat resistance.

  1. Easily thinned and cleaned up with water.

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