Methocel A4C - Methylcellulose

Methocel A4C is a high grade methylcellulose for conservation use. Made by Dupont, passes the ODDY test. Performs and behaves as per standard methyl cellulose with the added benefit of being able to penetrate fibres more easily due to short molecule size. Does not require cooking and can be mixed in cold distilled water, or heated when mixed to create a gel.

  • Making conservation grade paste adhesive
  • Size for paper and textiles
  • Consolidation of friable surfaces and media
  • Surface cleaning, and softening of old water-based adhesives
  • Binder in paints and pigments
  • Passes the ODDY test
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Methocel A4C (methycellulose)170g
P793-4170 793-4170
Pack Size: Each Price: £6.50 ex VAT In Stock
Methocel A4C (methycellulose) 1Kg
P793-4001 793-4001
Pack Size: Each Price: £32.95 ex VAT In Stock

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