Lascaux 498 HV - Acrylic Adhesive

Lascaux 498 HV is a heat activated conservation grade acid free acrylic adhesive which can be used wet or dry. Once dried the film is clear and water resistant, simply position your items and set in place with heat, can be reactivated with solvents or heat. Ideal for mounting, lining and also used for consolidation of leather.

  • Can be diluted with water but water resistant once dry
  • Non yellowing, lightfast and acid free
  • Activated by heat (68°C-76°C), use a tacking iron or heat gun (see 'accessories' below)
  • Ideal for archival mounting and lining applications
  • A good alternative to 'wet' adhesives for sensitive objects
  • Can be used in conjunction (mixed) with Lascaux 303 HV
  • 498 20-X is especially suited to strip lining, marouflage, and mounting

Soluble in acetone, toluene, xylene. Type 498 20-X contains 20% Thinner X.

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Lascaux 498 HV - 85ml
P901-498HV85 901-498HV85
Pack Size: 85ml Price: £10.00 ex VAT Low Stock
Lascaux 498 HV - 1 Litre
P901-498HV1 901-498HV1
Pack Size: Litre 1 Price: £40.00 ex VAT In Stock
Lascaux 498 20-X - 1 Litre
P901-49820X 901-49820X
Pack Size: Litre 1 Price: £40.00 ex VAT Low Stock

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