Cleaning Brushes

General purpose cleaning brushes from PEL.

Brush A is a flat angled fitch or crevice brush made from white hog hair with a strong copper ferrule. Size:
032-4725 - 13 x 300mm (0.5" x 11.5")
032-4721 - 25 x 325mm (1" x 12.5")

Brush B has a a wood handle, metal ferrule, flat 19mm wide bristles, stiff nylon one end and soft nylon the other. These inexpensive brushes can be discarded once too dirty. Size:
032-4703 - 19 x 237mm (0.75" x 9")

Brush C is a copper ferrule brush with brass wire one end and bristles the other. Also known as a sieve cleaning brush. Size:
032-4750 - 32 x 130mm (0.5" x 5")

Brush Set D 3 Hog's hair bristle dusting brushes, sizes 30/40/50. Bristle flicking action useful for cleaning.

Please note: Some initial bristle loss is expected with natural hair brushes, this can be reduced by combing and manipulating the brush head before use.

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(A) Flat Angled Hog Hair Brush 0.5" / 13mm
P032-4725 032-4725
Pack Size: Each Price: £5.50 ex VAT Due in Stock
(A) Flat Angled Hog Hair Brush 1" / 25mm
P032-4721 032-4721
Pack Size: Each Price: £8.95 ex VAT In Stock
(B) Stiff/Soft Nylon Cleaning Brush 0.75" / 19mm
P032-4703 032-4703
Pack Size: Pkg 5 Price: £12.95 ex VAT In Stock
(C) Brass Cleaning Brush 1.5" / 32mm
P032-4750 032-4750
Pack Size: Each Price: £8.25 ex VAT Due in Stock
(D) Hog Hair Brush Set sizes 30/40/50
P032-4799 032-4799
Pack Size: Set of 3 Price: £7.95 ex VAT In Stock

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