Document Cleaning Powder

PEL Document Cleaning Powder is manufactured to a high conservation standard set by years of experience in conservation supplies.

The consistent fine white powder and particle size is designed and specially produced for sensitive cleaning of surface dirt and dust from historical paper. The soft powder lifts and absorbs the dirt, you will notice it working by the colour change as the dirt is absorbed. Once the area is clean simply brush the residual powder away.

  • Container 180mm high x 70mm diameter with fine sprinkle holes, pouring slot and removable top.
  • Size: 150g

The paper cleaning powder does not contain sulphur or chlorine. Tests have shown this product does not leave any harmful residues on the paper after the cleaning process.

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Document Cleaning Powder
P782-4000 782-4000
Pack Size: Each Price: £5.95 ex VAT In Stock

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