Cellugel Leather Consolidant

This effective leather consolidant dressing for deteriorating powdery leather was developed by professional book conservators.

Cellugel is essentially a mixture of hydroxypropylcellulose and isopropanol. Cellulose ethers have been used by book and paper conservators for years for the purpose of sizing paper and consolidating deteriorated leather.

When applied to powdery leather with a brush (leather with red-rot), Cellugel is absorbed throughout the entire thickness of the leather and dries within minutes. Once dry, the deteriorated leather is consolidated, helping to prevent further deterioration. Cellugel does not darken, discolour or leave a film on the surface of the leather.

Some conservators apply a thin layer of Renaissance wax to finish and protect the consolidated leather's outer face. Size: 453gr / 16oz

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Cellugel Leather Consolidant
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