Leather Saver

Leather Saver is a highly rated leather conditioner used to restore dry, stiff leather to its original condition.

Leather Saver is an excellent choice to condition and treat both new and older leather that is in good condition. Ideally suited for leather that has not begun to deteriorate. Leather Saver will form a bond with the leather fibres, preventing it from washing out or migrating in the leather. Made from the finest oils available, it will not leave the leather dark, heavy or oily feeling.

This leather conditioner does not contain sulphur which can cause premature deterioration to the leather and stitching.

  • Will not darken the leather with age
  • Will not oxidize
  • Fast penetration
  • Will not migrate in the leather. Many leather conditioners are made from neutral oils such as Neats Foot Oil, Olive Oil, Mineral Oil and Vaseline and do not form a bond with the leather. These oils also leave the leather heavy and oily.
  • Will not build acid in the leather. Some leather conditioners are made from sulphated oils, which will build sulphuric acid in the leather and eventually cause deterioration.
  • Does not contain humectants such as glycerine or glycol, which encapsulate moisture and lead to mould growth and “sticky” leather.
  • Is non-toxic
  • Has an indefinite shelf life.
  • Can be used on both new and old leather.

227ml Bottle (8oz)

Directions in 'Specification' tab below.

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Leather Saver - 8oz bottle
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Leather Saver is recommended for treating all types of leather (including aniline) that is in good condition. This versatile product will not create acid in the leather, will not leave the leather oily and will not darken the leather. Leather Saver fixes to the leather to prevent migration and deterioration. It is non-toxic and contains no VOCs or silicone.

Directions Using a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge brush, gently apply a coat of Leather Saver to the surface of the leather (both the leather and conditioner should be at room temperature). If possible, apply Leather Saver to both sides. For extremely dry leather, allow the first coat to dry (2 to 4 hours) and then reapply a second coat. Remember, more is not necessarily better, a little goes a long way. Leather Saver will help to bring out the natural colour of the leather and leave a soft shine. NOTE: Do not use Leather Saver on Suede or Nubuck items. To increase the longevity of your leather, apply a leather conditioner to clean leather every 3 to 6 months or as needed. Conditioning will help retain the softness of the leather while keeping it supple and prevent future cracking

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