Leather Restoration Conditioner

Formulated for the treatment of older or fragile leather showing signs of deterioration. Restoration Leather Conditioner is designed to soften fragile and difficult to penetrate leather and can be used in situations where you should not use a leather conditioner that contains water (moisture can promote further deterioration). It also works well for conditioning leather after being washed. This product is very popular for treating leather book covers it will not harm the stitching or glue on bindings. Perfect for conditioning tooled or embossed leather, as it will not swell the leather.

Restoration Leather Conditioner contains a solvent with no sulphur content. Many low grade petroleum solvents contain sulphur which can destroy stitching. Leather which has been deteriorated by 'red rot' should be stabilised with Kucel G first.

227ml Bottle (8oz)

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Leather Restoration Conditioner
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Bottle Size: 8oz

Apply an even coating to clean leather using a lint - free rag or sponge brush. If possible, apply to both sides of the leather. Allow the first coat to dry and then re-apply an additional coat. When treating leather book bindings, use caution not to allow the Restoration Leather Conditioner to contact the paper. Coverage
An 8 ounce size bottle of Restoration Leather Conditioner will treat approximately 8 -12 leather books.
DISCLAIMER: Being that leather is a natural material and is susceptible to varying degrees of deterioration, experience of the user and may be applied under conditions beyond our control, as seller, we make no warranty expressed or implied as to this material or its use. All information stated herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on thorough testing.

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