Leather Detergent

Leather detergent specifically developed for washing leather articles that are oil soaked or extremely dirty.

Excellent for removing old leather conditioners and wax build up. Leather Detergent contains special softening agents to prevent the leather from drying stiff. The leather can be either wetted with the detergent pure strength and washed off or it can be mixed with water and the leather can be soaked directly in the solution.

We recommend a discreet test is done to ensure that Leather Detergent is suitable for your specific project.

227ml Bottle (8oz)

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Leather Detergent
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Bottle Size: 8oz

Washing Leather:
Mix 2-4 ounces of Leather Detergent Concentrate with each gallon of cold water and submerge the leather. Agitate until it is determined that the leather is clean. Rinse in cold water and hang to dry. Allow the leather to dry slowly. Surface Cleaning Leather:
For articles that are too large to wash, the surface can be hand cleaned. First lightly dampen the leather with water. Mix a solution of 1-2 ounces of Leather Detergent Concentrate to each gallon of cold water. Dampen a soft lint-free rag with the mixed solution and gently wipe the surface. Repeat until the rag does not show any further dirt. Be sure not rub the leather or use anything abrasive as this could damage or remove the top epidermis layer of the leather. To increase the longevity of the leather, apply a leather conditioner to clean leather every 3 to 6 months or as needed. See our list of leather conditioners to determine which one is appropriate for your type of leather. Conditioning will help retain the softness of the leather while keeping it supple and prevent future cracking. NOTE:
Do not use Leather Detergent Concentrate on Suede or Nubuck items. Always test a small area in the least conspicuous place before treating the entire article. Most antique leather has been tanned with extracts (also know as bark tanning) and holds up well to washing. Never attempt washing leather that shows signs of deterioration. Due to the varying qualities and condition, not all leather is capable of being washed.

DISCLAIMER: Being that leather is a natural material and is susceptible to varying degrees of deterioration, experience of the user and may be applied under conditions beyond our control, as seller, we make no warranty expressed or implied as to this material or its use. All information stated herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on thorough testing.

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