Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner is an effective but gentle surface cleaner for leather. Can be used on all types of leather that is in good condition including aniline leather. Perfect for automobile seats, furniture and leather that cannot be soaked or washed with the stronger Leather Detergent wash. Easy to use – no mixing involved and it will not discolour the leather. Just dampen a clean, soft rag and gently wipe the surface of the leather.

227ml Bottle (8oz)

It is recommended to follow up with Leather Saver (see 'Recommended' tab below) after using this cleaner to condition your leather items. Note: Do not use on suede. Manufacturer's directions for use are in the 'Specification' tab below.

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Leather Cleaner
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Bottle Size: 8oz

Do not dilute Leather Cleaner. Dampen a soft, lint free rag or sponge brush with the Leather Cleaner and gently wipe the surface of the leather. Repeat until the rag does not pick up any more dirt. Let the leather dry for 1-2 hours. For light stains, repeat the process. Be sure not to rub the leather or use anything abrasive as this could damage or remove the top epidermis layer of the leather. Leather is naturally porous and will absorb liquids, so it is recommended to clean stains or spills off of leather as soon as they occur.
NOTE: Do not use Leather Cleaner on Suede or Nubuck items. To increase the longevity of the leather, apply a leather conditioner to clean leather every 3 to 6 months or as needed. See our list of leather conditioners to determine which one is appropriate for your type and condition of leather. Conditioning will help retain the softness of the leather while keeping it supple and prevent future cracking.
Coverage An 8 ounce bottle of Leather Cleaner will clean approximately 2 full size. The amount needed will depend on how dirty the items are.
DISCLAIMER: Being that leather is a natural material and is susceptible to varying degrees of deterioration, experience of the user and may be applied under conditions beyond our control, as seller, we make no warranty expressed or implied as to this material or its use. All information stated herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on thorough testing.

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