Suede Leather Saver

Suede Saver was formulated specifically for conditioning suede or nubuck items.

The treatment will soften and condition suede and nubuck items without leaving a heavy or oily feel. Suede Saver is easy to use and will dry quickly. It will not darken the colour of your items.

Nap should be raised with an appropriate brush prior to application. Solution should be sprayed to achieve an even distribution, sprayers listed in accessories below. Directions for use are available in the 'Specification' tab below.

227ml Bottle (8oz)

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Suede Leather Saver
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Sprayer for Fine Mist
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PEL Chemical Resistant Sprayer
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Do not dilute Suede Saver. For best penetration, lay the article on a flat surface prior to applying the Suede Saver. Spray an even coating to the surface of the item and allow to air dry. Generally, 1 coat will be sufficient, however, if the item is extremely dry, a second application can be applied. Once the Suede Saver has completely dried, the surface can be lightly brushed with a Suede Brush to pull up nap that has been matted down. Note: Suede Saver will not penetrate leather that has been treated with a stain guard or water proofer. Test a small area first. Coverage An 8 oz size bottle will treat approximately 3 – 4 suede garments or 1 – 2 full size (3 cushion) sofas.

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